Norwegian Centre for Rural Medicine

Norwegian Centre for Rural Medicine (NCRM) is situated in Northern Norway, at the Department of Community Medicine, UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø.

The first rural medicine conference in Norway took place in Tromsø March 2002. Since 2007 the centre has received annual governmental support.

NCRM aims to promote research, professional development projects, education and networks. The vision is to bridge praxis, academia and responsible authorities, to contribute to quality improvement, recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural and remote areas.
The management team of NCRM: Director Anette Fosse and Research Manager Birgit Abelsen. In addition to the NCRM Board, NCRM holds a Research Advisory Group which is responsible for funding to research and professional development projects (see below for link to members of these groups)

The main funding is provided by The Norwegian Directorate of Health and from Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF)




Pictures from the left at the top: Director Anette Fosse (MD, PhD), Research Manager Birgit Abelsen (MPH, PhD), Senior Researcher Margrete Gaski (PhD). Second row: Advisor Frank Remman, Martin B. Harbitz (MD, PhD-student), Kristine Andreassen (MD, PhD-student).

Lower row, part time or short term: Magnus Hjortdahl (MD, PhD), Ingvill Konradsen (MA), Eva M.K Nordberg (Nurse, MD).

Helen Brandstrop (MD, PhD) on leave from 01.10.2019

Staff information and contact data 

Members of NCRM Board  and Research Advisory Group.

NCRM is part of the General Practice Research Group at Department of Community Medicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Research themes with publications in English: 

Leadership in rural settings

Emergency team training

Medical education

PhD: Aspects of health services in Sami areas 

PhD: Preventive medicine in a fisher community in North Norway

PhD: Local public health physicians in Norway from 1994 to 2002.

PhD: Explaining risk reductions in medical practice: Prevention or postponement?

PhD: Morally bound medical work. An empirical study exploring moral conditions of doctors’ everyday practice

PhD: A community-based facorial trial on Alzheimer’s disease

PhD: A qualitative analysis of GPs’ work in cancer care

PhD: A population-based study of heath care utilisation according to care level, socioeconomic group, and continuity of primary care.

PhD: Associations between Primary Health Care- and Hospital Utilization among Elderly People in Norway